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Introduction to KoG
Hey This is Rhamnales, I have founded an alliance Known as The Knights of Gallia. The Game we play on and additional details can be found just after this Introduction. But first you need our Alliance Introduction.

We fight for our country of Gallia, with courage and sacrifce, the virtues of a alliance based on honor. Ranks are not given, they are earned. They house honor and trust within the guild, and ultimatly earn your fame within the guild.

Honor, and fame is not all you get from this guild. You gain a lifestyle based on teamwork and friendship. A lifestyle worth living for. We are a team, if you have any problems you will be heard and listened to. We are Knights, An elite coorperation of players. Fight well and we Conquer.

So Guys and Girls, we now know lots about us and how we view things its up to you to talk to us and make you a Knight of Fortune. I am on 4 -5 hours a day... and will personally help you with all of your needs and I chat lots.

If you are an active member of 7 Dragons and a part of The Knights of Gallia please sign up and I will send you a message asking what your ingame name is so I can completely confirm it and then I will ask you to go to the alliance forum to place your name just in case you may be a spy of some sort. I will then after this all checks out will add you to this great Alliance Site.
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Alliance - Knights of Gallia or KOG (for short)

Knights of Gallia - KoG
Created at: 6:14:54 AM, Apr, 4 (PDT)
Current Guild Member Max - 100
Guild Rank - 8
Alliance Status - Being a Boss

Message the Alliance Head ArchAngel or ArmyGirl for information on the game and ofc for an invite if you'd like to become a full time alliance player.

Happy Hunting
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